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on Nov 18 in News

Hey there!
We would like to thank everyone for the year 2011. We had our last show at Trädgårn with Arch Enemy last Saturday and we enjoyed the gig VERY MUCH! We want to thank you guys for being so supportive and for being such an awesome fanbase. Without you, ENGEL would have been nothing!
We will allways remember PAIN and their crew. We had alot of fun and we want to thank you guys for wanting us on your tour. We had a BLAST.
Finally, we want to thank Arch Enemy + Crew for the awesome gigs we had here in Sweden. It was really fun sharing stage with you guys and we hope that we can do it again in the near future!

BUT THERE IS MORE! We are finally done writing all the songs for the upcoming album and not later than next week, we will start to record it! You guys will not be dissapointed. More info and the actual title of the album will be released next week. So stay tuned!!

Until then.

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