2011 Re-cap!

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Wow, It sure has been a busy year.
First of all we would like to thank you guys for showing us your support and for being out on our shows rocking with us. Everytime we play our hearts are filled with joy and love, thanks to you.
In the beginning of 2011 we did a small Scandinavian headline tour, and we sure remember some really awesome moments from those gigs.
Like that time in Avesta where we played at a disco with almost 400 disco party people in the crowd. We thought before the show: “This is not for us.” BUT, as soon as we got on the stage, we realized that disco party people can mosh as well. We had a great time and the afterparty was epic. Our deepest apologies goes out to the promoter and the hotel owner if anything got broken beyond repair.

In 2011 we did three shows at Sticky Fingers here in Gothenburg and man, those gig where really cool. But there is one gig that we will never forget there, and that was when we played the Top Floor for a sold-out show. Lots of blood, sweat, metal and tears. Thank you for being there and moshing with us!
Check out the video:

We had a lot of fun playing the summer festivals as well. We did Peace&Love here in sweden and Summer Breeze in Germany. Horns up to all of you who saw us and rocked with us!

How many of you guys attended the HELL shows we did in September? Our Saints from Japan, Norway and Finland were there moshing with us, and the 50 dude strong all-male choir “Hellmans Drengar”. Those gigs are something we are VERY proud of. Hellmans Drengar did a great job putting choir melodies on our songs and they lifted up these songs with attitude under these gigs. So thank you, Hellmans Drengar, for being awesome guys and for being so co-operative.
Check out the fan-video:

Who could forget the tour we did with PAIN and Turmion Kätilöt? We sure can’t. We crushed our way through Europe and played in almost every awesome country there is to play. The best days of this tour was, of course, the gig-days. But we did have alot of fun on our off-days as well. We visited saunas almost every monday and when we where in Paris we climbed the Eiffel Tower with pride.
We want to thank all the crew members, all the members of PAIN and of course all the members of Turmion Kätilöt for being so nice to us. We had a blast and we hope that we can tour again soon.
Check out the first tourdiary:

We also did a couple of shows with Arch Enemy, directly after the PAIN tour. That’s in the past yes, but we have a bright future with Arch Enemy. In April we are going to Japan with them and will play two shows (Tokyo and Yokohama) over there. We are psyched about this and we are looking forward to it!

2012 is the year of ENGEL and “Blood of Saints”. We will release our third studio-album, go on many tours and have a lot of fun. We hope that we will see everyone on the road again, and that you will mosh even more next time!
Until Eternity Ends,

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