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Hey there boys and girls!
So we got some awesome news for you guys. The 10th of February we are going to record a new musicvideo that will be epic
and beyond awesome. We need you guys to participate in this video for it to be as cool as we want it to be.

- You get to be in our NEW MUSICVIDEO!!
- You get to hang out with the band.
- You get to hear a whole new track from the “Blood Of Saint” album.
- The entrance is free.
- (limited) Free beer.
- And ofcourse there’s a party afterwards!

- You might get hungover.
- You might get sticky !

Summary of the video idea
Everything takes place in an underground club party with everything from, ordinary people to GIMP, fetishes, vampires, trances,
gas masks, you name it. All that is underground is welcome!
We want to see you freak out on the dance floor while Mangan
(who will act DJ) plays the new song.
If everything goes according to plan, we will finish with a large blood rain from the ceiling.

click on Attending / Will button so you’ll be in the competition!

We will contact those selected with all the info you need on Facebook so be sure to check it frequently every day.
“Application” is mandatory and we would like you to come to the recording if you write that you can.

Follow this link to get to the facebook event page:

See you there!

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  1. Niklas

    Jan 26th, 2012

    It would be so nice ro be in the music video! I’m à nog fan of you!!!! When comes the new record? MVH: Niklas from Sweden.

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