In 2007 saw the Launch of the critically acclaimed ABSOLUTE DESIGN album which set Engel on the path to International recognition and now in 2010 will see the launch of the ground breaking and much anticipated new release “THRENODY”.

This time with Legendary producer Tue Madsen at the helm, he has managed to capture the defining sound and feel of what we have come to expect from Engel and the end result is set to be a truly remarkable new album which will enhance their reputation as one of the genre’s absolute elite and unleash the true potential of this Swedish Super group!

Featuring the all star Line up of Niclas Engelin, Marcus Sunneson, Magnus Klavborn, Steve Drennan & Jimmy Olausson with whom all have a more than impressive resume when it comes to touring and performing and are not shy when it comes to standing in and helping friends out, such is the quality within this group!

Of course, we have seen Engel become a force to be reckoned with in their own right having establish themselves as one of the most stunningly impressive and stylish live acts encompassing their mixture of incredibly skilled and crafted guitar riffs with outstanding melodic harmonies whilst still retaining the hard edge and power fans have become accustomed too!

Huge expectations now follow this Gothenburg Super group and as always, the Band have not disappointed with this Iconic second Album. The first single release “Sense the Fire” earned the band their first Gold disc thanks to Bandit Rock Radio Stockholm but also managed to stay in the top 5 radio play list for almost 5 months, just a small mark of what we should expect for the future!

THRENODY will reach out to your head, heart and soul and leave you with more than just a collection of songs but we hope a sense of purpose and understanding for the future but also to remember those things we have cherished and lost in the past!

ENGEL will make their triumphant return this year so stay tuned.