A Festive Message from Engel

on Dec 31 in News

Dear All, finally 2012 is almost at an end and the world is still here which to be
honest was never really in doubt as we have yet more shows to play, Albums
to record and fun to be had! Sadly what our ancient Mayan friends hadn’t
taken in to account when they designed their not so festive calendar would be
a certain fruit based Computer company that would have simply offered us the
Iearth2 with extended hours and improved planetary rotation but probably
still not able to get Flash products to work…

For us, it has been an epic year which started in January with the Making of the
new Video for Question your place and then launching us over to the Far East
followed by the International release of our 3rd and most satisfying Album to
date “Blood of Saints”

It certainly felt great to back out on the road this year with a lengthy but
worthwhile Touring and Festival schedule which culminated in our very first
Headlining tour in Europe. Of course all of this wouldn’t have been possible
without the love and support of you all, not to mention the hard work of all
those working behind the scenes at Team Engel and of course a very Special
thanks to all of our Engel Saints who do so much to keep the Faith alive.

Needless to say that there have been some major changes now and also some
unfortunate injuries that have taken its toll from the extensive touring of 2012
but the important thing to remember is that we should always be looking
forward and not remain too much in the past. Things change and we have to
accept this but we look always to the future and promise to bring better and
bigger things!

With this in mind, we cannot wait for 2013 and look forward to seeing you all
again with renewed high hopes and expectations from us, we promise to be
even more epic than before and wish you a very Festive and enjoyable
holiday-season and all the best for 2013!


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