Free Entry, New Merch and Signing Sessions!

on May 12 in News

Hey everybody!

In one weeks time, May 18, our new album “Blood Of Saints” will be out in Europe. To celebrate this we have an official release party at Sticky Fingers in Göteborg on the day of the release, May 18! Now we have a little treat for everybody who in fact planned to attend the party. The first 50 who arrives at Sticky Fingers with a smoking hot copy of “Blood Of Saints” will get in for free!!

One “Blood Of Saints” CD =
1. Awesome new metal from Engel.
2. One person gets in for free at the official release party at Sticky Fingers on May 18.
3. A kick ass live show from Engel at Sticky Fingers on May 18.

How about that!?

IMPORTANT!! If you by chance already bought your ticket for the show and are planning to buy the cd, Sticky Fingers will not re-fund your bought ticket(s) at the doors.

For you who don’t buy cd’s any longer, click HERE to pre-order your copy of “Blood Of Saints”!

Even if you don’t buy a physical copy of “Blood Of Saints”, you’re more than welcome to the release party! Click HERE to get your ticket!

We have another treat for all of you while we’re at it! At on Kungsgatan 38 in Göteborg , new merch will be exclusively sold along with “Blood Of Saints” during the day! They’re open between 10.00 am and 18.00 pm. Swing by and be the first one with the new merch.

And last but not least, do you want to meet us in person, and get your smoking hot copy of “Blood Of Saints” signed? Come by Media Markt in Bäckebol for our signing session!! It starts 17.30.

See you at Media Markt and at Sticky Fingers on Friday, May 18!



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