Competition Time!

on Aug 12 in News

Time for new competition!

We reached 5000 likes in Facebook and we’ll celebrate that with a competition!

This time, theme is covering Engel. Can you play Sense the Fire as well as Sunesson and/or Engelin? Can you compete with Mangan’s vocals on Casket Closing?

Pick any Engel song you would like, and cover one of the instruments/vocals of it (Or if you are capable of doing more than one, feel free!), and upload video of it to Youtube. Obviously, the higher the quality, the better.

You -can- have the original song on the background, but please make sure it won’t be too loud to cover up your work. After you’re done, send link to your video to saint-1(a)

1. Pick a song
2. Play and record it!
3. Upload it to youtube (or Vimeo, if you prefer) — If you have problem with these, shoot me an email.
4. Send link to saint-1(a) by end of next week (Midnight of 21st of August)! Replace the (a) with an @!
5. Be excited!

One entry per instrument allowed, meaning you can do for example bass and guitar. If we get massive amounts of entries on particular instrument, we might be picking own winner for those categories.

If you happen to be the best (the band will be the judge of that!), you will receive cool Engel swag and have your video posted to!

Get to work!

PS: Don’t forget to subscibe to our Fanbridge, where you will receive exclusive clips from Engel straight to your email! This is the only way to see them

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