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on Nov 22 in News

Hey all you boys & girls who use to stick around this hood!!

Niclas here.. Just wanted to say something regarding the world of ENGEL,
and the release of our new album, Threnody. So I hope you got a minute or two
to read this message.

Metal, Music, Metal, even more Music, big choruses, big melodies,
rich arrangements and sharp/heavy guitars and real well played Metal is the direction
we initially started to go in during the aftermath of Absolute Design. And of course
tons of loops and keys.

What you hold in your hand or got on your hard drive, ipod or made your own in any way
or another is the new ENGEL album Threnody. The somehow missing link right after
Absolute Design. It took us 2 years to give birth to this release due to legal and political nonsense
that should not belong in the world of music. BUT it does… Believe us.

We got a wonderful team to work with; like Tue Madsen, Jonas Kapla, P-A Nilsson, Douglas
& The Road Dogs and last but not least, The Saints, which was and still is the best players around
for us in ENGEL. Lets make another one ASAP!! Even though we recorded the album 2 years from
now, it still feels relevant and fresh even for us in band, and it´s an album we are very proud of!!
Maybe that I written something that would continue to fill us with purpose and meaning in the
years to come and hopefully you to.

Over the past months in anticipation of this release we went back to the recordings which includes
17 songs, all with a purpose to really ROCK HARD!! We made the decision to split the songs and
make it little bit more interesting. Therefor the different tracklist and a slight change on the cover
art from the Japan release to the EU release (NO, we wont change once again for the US release).
We are in the process of doing some REALLY cool stuff with the songs that got changed from the
different releases, or the ones we got on our hard drives. We want to add some never before done stuff!! Just stick around and you´ll see ;)

Let us introduce you to a friend of ours, “Threnody”.

….ENGEL….Nov 22, 2010 “

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